Monday, January 29, 2024

Kitten update

 Sally was spayed on Friday and is now available for adoption and at our partner store.

Lizzie, Lightening and Mater are being spayed and neutered today and will go to the store later this week.

Friday however, we had a little excitement. Mom was working at her desk and Boba was looking under the sofa and was being growled at. A tuxedo shot out and was slinking around the room. Mom muttered for Goldfish to get over herself.

And the she looked a little closer: turns out it wasn't Goldfish. Mater had snuck out of the room and was a little freaked out by the stalking tabby cat (Boba).

(No idea why she is making that face)



  1. A classic case of mistaken identity!

  2. Lol, perhaps Goldfish was upset that Mater was mistaken for her.
    Good luck to the kittens, I do hope they'll be in their own forever homes soon.


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