Monday, December 18, 2023


 The girls head back to the shelter today. They've turned out to ge very sweet and we suspect they will get adopted quickly. They were out starting Thursday during the day only abd were mostly good- they refused to leave mom's desk alone. 


Speaking of adoptions, all the hocus pocus girls are now adopted. Sarah took a little longer than her sisters, but that's OK.

Over the weekend a friend asked if the rescue could take a kitten found by one of her coworkers.  The rescue said yes, so mompicked him up. She got a local vet to FIV/FeLV test him and he is negative. While at the vet, they noticed he is limping. As a precaution,  mom agreed to an xray. He has an old break that is healing but not correctly. And it is just above his knee joint in a growth plate. The rescue is going to have to decide the next step but either way he is being neutered today.

Meet Millshake. He's about 5 months old and loves people. He charmed everyone at the vet office. 


  1. Good luck to the tortie girls! Little MIlkshake is adorable - I do hope his leg can be repaired.

  2. Purring for all of your foster kitties!
    Milkshake is a cutie pie; wonder how they'll handle his leg issue.


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