Monday, December 11, 2023

New kittens, new toys

 The hocus pocus girls went back to the shelter on Friday. Winifred was adopted that same day and the other 2 are still available. 

Since mom was there, she of course came back with more. These tortie girls are Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. They have kitty colds so will be here for about 10 days. 


Mom also has been working on her Christmas shopping. 

She ordered some cat toys from Keep Up Creations as gifts and of course some for us.

They come vacuum packed. 
Great idea

Boba decided to "help" with unpacking and wrapping. Everything is also now hidden.


  1. What a great helper Boba! I'm sure the mom bean was thrilled with your assistance. I guess that's why everything is hidden now. MOL!


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