Thursday, November 9, 2023


 Well it turns out the girls have ringworm. They are on meds and have been Lyme sulphur dipped twice (once more tomorrow). And they are obviously quarantined in the foster room since its contagious. They are displeased....haha. The bath was bad (and stinky) but they really hate being pulled twice a day. 




But they get run of the foster room which is better than a cage for 3 weeks minimum. Though mom does wish Sarah would learn to stop yelling during work meetings.


Speaking of work meetings, Boba has decided that is the best time to play her favorite game -fetch. She taught herself and mom is slowly working on targeting to get her to drop the ball in a better place than under the office chair. Despite given options, her favorite toy is a very beat up green foam soccer ball. Mom has thrown a couple of others, but that one is Boba's favorite (she will also chase a spring toy but that is down the hall not down the stairs). She starts the game 3-3 tines per day and will chase it several times. 


  1. Poor kittens, I hope the meds take care of the ringworm quickly.
    Boba is a real character. Love her little squeaky mew.

  2. Aww, bummer about the ringworm!
    Sweetie interrupts my online meetings, which I cannot figure out because she's DEAF, but she can still howl...


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