Monday, November 20, 2023

Another week

 The girls are looking better but still on meds and being lyme sulphur dipped. (For those not familiar, they are dipped in a dilution with water and allowed to dry. And they smell terrible until they dry - think rotten eggs times 100). Hopefully this will be the last week of dips. Meds  will be over shortly  too then just waiting for a negative test. 


Sarah and Winifred

Getting pictures is hard since mom isn't spending a lot of time with them to avoid spreading the ringworm spores.


There has been some cursing here. Mom switched cell phone carriers and had to get a new phone. The switch wasn't terrible but she is still getting used to the new phone. 


Boba remains quite the ham. She can be a bit much at times...she is pretty smart and gives mom a run for her money. 

For our US friends, have a nice holiday week.


  1. Here's hoping the ringworm is at death's door!

  2. Paws crossed for the wee kittens. Boba is so much fun!
    Happy Thanksgiving.


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