Monday, July 17, 2023

Weekend report

 Its been a week.

A good friend of mom's had a tornado hit her house so she's been supporting her from a distance as things settle in. She and her cats are ok but the rest is going to take time to fix.

We got a couple of older kittens from the shelter for a couple of weeks as they recover from colds. They are in the foster room since they are bigger. Meet Luigi (white markings) and Mario (all brown).

The little girls moved to a play pen in the living room since they are smaller. 

Someone asked on our last post about their whiskers. They ate like people hair or finger nails. They will grow out and then grown more. They already are a little bit longer.

Mom spent Saturday working on her desk area.

Sunday she let the little girls out to play. They had a good time running around. Though not too sure how they felt about being chased by Boba.

She found the open door.
Not sure she would be happy if it 
was zipped shut though. Haha


  1. Seeing kittens just makes a smile break out on my face!
    Here's hoping that Mario and Luigi recover quickly; they are so cute.

  2. Oh the wee ones are so cute. Darn good thing I live so far away because my grandson adores Luigi and Mario...he'd want to bring them home and he already has three cats.


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