Monday, July 31, 2023

Thank goodness for the air lock

 The fruit girls are enjoying being in the foster room. Mostly. They give mom a hard time in the mornings and demand freedom. To which mom says: not a chance. While it's nice the are people friendly, it makes it difficult to work. They get some time out in the evenings though and they spent most of the with house privileges. 

Thankfully they aren't quite tall enough to get over the gate so the inside door can be open without escapees.

Katie asked about their whiskers - they are starting to grow back and in fact Fig has a couple that have grown out. 



Apricot & Lychee

The girls do love those squeeze up treats


  1. Such adorableness, despite their rascally ways.

  2. Kittens being kittens :)They ate mighty cute!
    Purrs, Julie

  3. They are just so darned cute! Pesky too. :)

  4. We read at the CB that today is your Blogoversary! Happy Blogoversary!


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