Monday, April 24, 2023

Be flexible

 Part of fostering is being part of a supportive group and being flexible. 

Mochi and Boba came here Wednesday night. Both that night and Thursday, Mochi howled...all night. No one got much sleep.

Mom was talking to her friend Miss Heather and they discussed moving Mochi to her house. She has the ability to close off her bedroom to see if being with a person overnight would make a difference. 

Well turns out Mochi is most likely in heat. Ugh. But she is scheduled to be spayed on Thursday. We just have to survive that long. Haha

Boba is with us since it lets Mochi dry out from nursing. Boba is eating fine on her own. 

She is a little mouthy but is discovering that mom is good to sleep on. She is allowed out some during the day so the adults here will teach her some manners. 


  1. Oh dear, poor Mochi. I'm sure for the people, Thursday won't come soon enough.
    Boba is such a cutie!

  2. Mochi, your kitten-making days are over!
    Then, every one will sleep...


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