Monday, January 23, 2023

Weekend report

 The girls did really well after surgery. Like most kittens they had no idea and were back to normal by the next day.

Since they are going to a friend, mom decided to leave them loose in the house 24/7 starting Friday. (They go home on 2/3 per the current olan) They've been out during the day but not at night. No idea where they slept Friday night but Frances discovered the bed early Sunday morning. 

They are very sweet girls and have been great to have here. They are curious but respectful of the permanent residents so that's been very nice. 


  1. So nice to see cats doing what cats do best...being curious!
    Purrs, Julie

  2. Will they keep their names? I think Frances and Felicity are adorable names.

  3. Is there anything cuter than a kitten playing? Maybe a kitten sleeping! I'm so happy the two of them will be in a home together.

  4. It sounds like everything is working out so nicely for these lovey girls!

    The Chans


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