Tuesday, November 29, 2022

A new thing

 First, if you missed it on Instagram or Facebook, the kittens were all adopted over the weekend!! Yay


Mom saw an ad for a cat tree from a seller on Etsy (https://www.etsy.com/shop/WelterWallArtDecor) and was interested. We have a landing at the mid point of our entry way stairs and she thought it would be interesting to put it there. Plus it was on sale. 

Ivy was the package inspector
It came from Turkey and was well packed

Ok that's a lot of parts

Halfway there
And only one screw up so far

It came with picture directions. They were 95% helpful. Probably could have had a little more detail but not bad.

Two shelves have a rope wrap



Notice it is in the living room not on the landing. Mom thinks it is pretty so she left it here. And of course it on over 48 hours, no cat has touched it. 

Took her about 90 minutes to get it together which isn't bad. Shes going to move it around and see how it fits. It does have metal plates so when it is put in a corner it can be screwed to a wall for safety. Since this isn't a corner and may not be the final location, mom didn't screw it to the wall. 


  1. Maybe some catnip or treats will inspire some activity!
    Nice cat climb; I like it's minimalism.

  2. It's certainly interesting and roomy enough for a bunch of cats!

    The Chans


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