Monday, April 25, 2022

Weekend report

 Hold smoke it got warm. It was snowing last Monday and in the 80s this weekend. But warm weather means open windows so we got to enjoy warm air and a nice breeze. 

Chickpea is now officially available for adoption and is at the local Petsmart. Hopefully her new family finds her soon. 

Mom reached out to the shelter where she has volunteered for a while and offered to foster again for them. So we have new kittens too. They are probably 6 weeks old but SMOL so we may have them for a little while.

Four boys, all tuxedos and very friendly!! 


  1. Seriously cutie kittens!
    Chickpea, hope your furrever home shows up TODAY!

  2. Good luck, Chickpea! The kittens are very cute.

  3. What adorable babies! Paws crossed Chickpea finds her home soon.

  4. What cuties! Paws crossed for Chickpea that she gets her furever home soon.


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