Monday, April 11, 2022

Foster kitten update

 We still have Chickpea and Mike. 

Chickpea has seen a surgeon and he felt a polyp at the back of her soft palate. So that will need to be surgically removed and then she will be available for adoption.

We suspect that we just haven't found the right person looking for a Mike to add to their lives. ROCK is going to put him on their Facebook page, so if you feel like sharing, we would appreciate it. Mom loves Mike but this is not the right place to be his forever home. 

Chickpea has discovered a new game. It's called "annoy Mike". She jumps back into the Foster room, runs around, pokes Mike, get her wound up, then leaves. 


  1. Good luck to Chickpea on her surgery. That Mike is adorable and me and the mom bean hope she finds a furever home soon.

  2. I had a polyp removed from my ear when I was a kitten, so I am sending lots of healing purrs to Chickpea!


  3. We're purring and praying for a successful and easy surgery for Chickpea. And for both her and Mike to find their respective happily ever afters. XO

  4. Purrayers and POTP that Chickpea gets through thatsurgery and that she and Mike both find wonderful homes !


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