Monday, October 4, 2021

Weekend report

 The Beans and the Noodles all got their first vaccines. Some eye boogers going on in there but nothing serious. Mom is saying she needs to get more dishes cause she gets run over on there at mealtime. 

Baloo enjoyed some cooker weather this weekend:

Mike is a joy. There are waterproof pads in his own and he makes his own cave system. Mom did order some silicone bowls for him to use since she worries about him banging his head on the dishes as he eats. 


  1. Mike is so cute and I love the photo of Baloo's tongue sticking out.

  2. They look so sweet. Glad the vaccines are started. Happy Birthday Angels Tim and Tom. Lets Pawty friends
    Angel Timmy

  3. Look at the fun little Mike is having! We are sure he will grow into a very nice kitty. Baloo you have the right idea!

  4. Wee Mikey is sure cute. Will he be staying? I sure hope so. :)

  5. What a cute video ! Look at that tail ! Purrs

  6. mike.....ewe iz de kewlest ever......we haz been off de grid a few; itz nice two meet ewe wee dood ....we gived yur moovee a 984 pawz up ree veew...we send best fishez N st francis' blessings....due ewe get ta stay with thiz mom and de crew ??!! ☺☺♥♥♥♥


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