Monday, August 9, 2021

Nothing too exciting

 Aoili was spayed on Thursday so she's ready to go. She's still a little rough with the little girls but they all get along pretty well in the foster room. Cameron is a little shy so he doesn't hang out with the girls in the airlock when the door is open.

Mom is having a terrible time with a name for a certain gray kitten. He has made himself at home and everyone is pretty much ok with all the changes. 


  1. Paws are crossed here that Aoili finds her furever home soon. That certain grey kitten is sure adorable. We're happy happy he gets to stay.

  2. dood...tell mom yur name will hit her when leest eggz pected !!! we could recommend "flouder" but then consider de sourcz ☺☺

    tuna and mackerull :) ♥♥

  3. Maybe Buddy? We had our Buddy Budd who was gray and was a lovely kitty. Wish you were close by and he would have a home!

  4. Dad, ever the idiot, says you should just name that charcoal cutie pie "A certain gray kitten".


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