Monday, July 26, 2021

Weekend report

 Mom bought us a new Love scratcher to replace the previous Christmas castle. We seem to prefer the two tiered ones so this is ours.

Mom bought a smaller one that will go in the foster room. 

Aoili is feeling much better but not always nice to the littler kittens so the goal is to try to get her spayed asap. 

The littler kittens are doing well though Chutney and Tapenade seem to be the slowest growing kittens ever!!

Gordon continues to run around the house and act like a teenager. 


  1. Nice house scratcher. Which reminds us, Pet Smart had them on sale last better look and see if anything is still available. Sasha won't use it but Saku probably will.

    Aoli wants to be an only cat? That Gordon yanks at mom's heart strings every time she sees a photo of him.

  2. kneadz ta buy ewe all a clothe....matterz knot de color.... just sew long as it can bee shredded ~~~
    ;) ♥♥

  3. That is a great Scratcher and we sure enjoyed seeing the family

  4. That's a cool scratcher! Now my human wants to stop by Target to see if they have it. ('Cause it's always the assumption that they come from Target.)

  5. I love yoor new scratch castle. Yes, I agree, two stories are more funner. Love yoor babies. Squeee!


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