Friday, March 26, 2021


 Kitten season has arrived. We got our first 2021 batch on Wednesday. A lady who lives in a rural area has had cats dropped off on her property and needed some help. The kittens were born March 17th.

Meet Morrigan
She is SUPER sweet and is very good with the kittens
No idea exactly how old she is but we are guessing around a year

Due to when they were born, mom decided to go with a celtic theme. There are 5 kittens, 3 black, 2 brown tabbys. Both tabbys are boys, one of the black kittens is a boy (and has a tail light) and the other 2 black kittens are girls. Clearly collars will be involved when they get bigger. 

Names: Boys - Herne, Alator and Taliesin, Girls - Danu and Brigid

overachiever - eyeballs already

Wednesday night they all weighed right around 7 ounces so they are chunky and doing well. At this point it is all about getting them used to being handled, loving on mom and monitoring weights. 

Don't forget the web cam is live. Mom set up a "cave" for Morrigan so you can't see them really well right now but they will be more visible as we go along.


  1. Welcome to the world, little ones!
    Morrigan is a beauty.

  2. That cat mom is doing great and we know they will all thrive and soon have their own big life stories

  3. OH my gosh, they are so cute! Mama cat is beautiful.

  4. Squee! They are all cuties. Nice names too.

  5. It looks like you have a nice family for your first kitten season group!

  6. Oh, they are so bean is going gaga over here.

  7. Oh My Heavens, 7 ounces! I think one of my paws weighs that! Such an adorable bunch of wee ones they are.

  8. A proud mama ! We love the names, they are unusual for us. Purrs


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