Monday, October 19, 2020

Weekend report

 Though let's be honest, weekends around here are kind of like weekdays except mom spends less time on the computer.

Huzzah is very sweet. She's also started to discover toys as well. She still isn't too sure about those cats on the other side of the foster room door however. We will know more about her "cat" abilities once she is spayed and separated from the kittens.

Yahoo is a super sweet boy. Still the only kitten that purrs for mom. That mohawk appears to be a permanent fixture.

Hurray is probably the shyest of the three kittens. She is also technically a ninja tabby....she actually has very faint stripes. She does warm up though and loves to sit on a shoulder.

Yippee is still the princess. She's also kind of bitey which is not so much fun. 

They are scheduled for spay/neuter surgery on Nov 6th. That will make the kittens about 10 weeks old. It's certainly bern fun to watch them grow up. And we still have a little time with them. 


  1. Usually I go for the shorter-haired cats, but Yippee is adorable - and I miss my own princess, Cammie.

  2. We like seeing the kittens and mom too

  3. happee monday veree one ; we hope yur week end waz grate !! :) ☺☺ theeze selfeez iz awesum ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  4. They are all so cute! We can see Hurray's stripes.


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