Friday, May 29, 2020

On the go

Mom went in last night to spend some time with Ree and the kittens. Ree decided mom wasn't moving fast enough with the canned food. Drama momma fell over and whined pitifully.

Kettle is a boy on the go. He is also kind of bitey so mom is working on that since not every one wants a piranha kitten.

Whisk took to the cubes to escape but turns out that wasn't her best choice as Spatula followed her inside.

She eventually left for greener pastures....or in her case the dinner plate.


  1. Guess you won't expect to get a tip from these customers!

  2. They're the live entertainment!

  3. dood....yea bitez R knot good; eye am still gettin a "look" anda NOE frum de food gurl when I triez ta bite ...but...eye am WAY better than eye waz....

    mackerull boomer junior butter feeld ☺☺♥♥

  4. Everyone had something going on there. Quite the evening!


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