Friday, April 3, 2020

Family time

It's been interesting have mom home fore over a week now. Lucky for us she's pretty quiet....except the occasional HBO words. MOL

We've been just doing our normal thing, though mom caught us sleeping in close quarters yesterday.

The boys are doing well. Mom got Tillman to purr the other day though she still has to grab him to love on him. In the meantime they are playing and being boys.
(Sorry...bad video from the web cam)


  1. Togetherness is called for right now, kitties!
    Not only are they boys, but they are kittens too! OH MY!
    This is the end of the 3rd week at home for me; thank goodness there is sunshine today.

  2. Enjoy the extra cuddle time kitties! Take care and stay well Mom bean.

  3. You have to be ready for your mom to pop up with a camera at any time now that she's home!

  4. You guys are probably going to be super disappointed in a few weeks when your human isn't your full time servant anymore!

  5. Ahh, a full-time servant. Enjoy it while you can, kitties! MOL!

  6. Who are those two in the first photo? THey look like mirror-images.

  7. It doesn't look my earlier commont showed up. I commented on the first picture, how those two look like mirror images...


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