Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Let's see

Still stuck at home together. Rumor has it mom will be here through at least the end of May. We have mixed feelings about this....

The kittens are doing well. Mom wasn't sure all of them were eating canned food as she was seeing one black kitten and one bicolor kitten so wasn't sure who was who.

However....she caught all of them eating the other night. A couple of the black and white girls have to be shown the plate but mom feels better knowing they aren't just relying in nursing. Especially since Ree seems to have mixed feelings about it: she sometimes growls yet the other day woke them all up for a snack.
She is very very sweet
But she is super skinny too

A discovery was made
This is the bicolor boy.
He shall be Spatula

They love this Kasas

Mom can't tell the black kittens apart
But she checked when she took the picture
This is the boy

The kittens are SUPER friendly. They climb all over mom when she is in there. 


  1. Super cute, mama and babes!
    I know what you mean about another month, but if people will stay healthy, I guess we can do it.

  2. Yes, it’s good to know they are starting to eat on their own, and tucking into the solid food. That Spatula is a little doll.

  3. Love these little ones. Nothing like having kittens in the house

  4. Sounds like a good crop - I bet they find homes fast once they are at the adoptable stage!

  5. They're so cute. That photo of spatula has everybody here squeeing!

  6. They're just so cute, little furrballs. We hope Ree gains some bean says it can't be easy to feed six kittens!


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