Monday, March 16, 2020

Just some goofy cat videos

When your sister blocks your exit

Goldfish found the nip banana


  1. Ahh, a typical day in a household with cats!
    Wait a's too quiet downstairs...I'd better go see what Da Boyz are up to!

  2. Cammie sometimes finds her descent from the bedroom cat-tree blocked by someone, and the scene that follows is never pretty. I always side with Cammie, though, as she is blind and can’t easily find her way down by another route.

  3. Oh, yes. Now that Bear is back to dominating our cat tree, we've had little skirmishes similar to the one in the video. What baffles me is that we have TWO ways down. But if the other cat is on one, Bear refuses to get down the other way.

  4. These made us smile! And the world needs a smile right now!


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