Monday, April 1, 2019

a good defense

Bissell is still pretty jumpy. If she thinks there is a cat on the other side of the door, she will charge it. In an attempt to help, mom put a towel over the one door. In the shelves above, Chanel and Goldfish like to sit on that bottom shelf and look into the foster room. It makes Bissell nuts. Mom also refilled the Comfort Zone defuser. Mom went in Friday afternoon and did learn that Bissell is a little calmer if mom sits on the floor. Mom sat with her and got some pictures and loved on the kittens and Bissell was fine. Once she relaxed and was feeding the kittens, mom got up to fill dishes and clean boxes and Bissell was fine. Cross your fingers that some defensive maneuvering and time will help Bissell learn she is safe and can relax a little bit.

Hoover and his momma

Dyson and her momma


snack time


  1. My foster mama Sassy seems to be mellowing with Bailey's age. ;-) As he gets older and more independent she is less nervous and swatty.

  2. Nothing cuter than little kittens. Glad the Mom is relaxing a little bit.You all have a fabulous day.

  3. Sometimes peeps just have to figure us out and you've done a fine job 'cause Bissell's getting better and less jumpy. Seeing the cute kittens made my day! - Tom x

  4. Those kittens are getting so big! Bissell may be a little concerned but she's sure a good momma. Continued good luck in getting her to chill.

  5. Such cuties, as kittens always are. Bissell is a good mum, but even so, I'm glad she and her children are safe inside. I'll bet she is too, really.

  6. Cat moms can be so very protective of their brood!

  7. They are all so adorable!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  8. Paws definitely crossed that Bissell calms down.


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