Friday, March 29, 2019

Meet the kittens

milk bar time with momma

even at this age they are squirmy and make it hard to get pictures

our big headed girl

Actually, mom weighed them on Tuesday and they are all about the same weight, but that one girl sure does LOOK like she has a big head (especially compared to her brother).

Momma cat was tested on Tuesday (in case you missed it on facebook) and is negative for FIV and FeLV so that is good news. She actually was very well behaved for the blood draw as well.

That said, she is still VERY nervous. She was found outside, spent a couple of days with another volunteer and moved in with us on Sunday. No telling how long she was on the streets by herself, but at least a few days defending her kittens. While she isn't charging the door to get out of the kitten room, she sensed Chanel on the other side of the doors on Wednesday morning and charged AT the doors to make her back up.

Also - she has smacked mom a few times. It seems to be is mom's hands move too fast or in a certain manner. But that momma cat has a hair trigger going from "pet me" to "I slap you" in 0.25 seconds. For now mom is giving her lots of space and moving very slowly in the foster room while keeping her hands low and close to her body.

And now.....the moment you have been waiting for....the names:
   Momma cat shall be Bissell
   black female is Roomba
   tabby female (she has white toes and belly) is Dyson
   tabby male is Hoover

Get it??? Vacuum cleaner kittens......  (yes - mom cracks herself up)

**on a side note, mom checked the web cam yesterday and no momma cat, no kittens. WHAT?? She went back and checked motion controlled pictures and it looks like Bissell moved the kittens into one of the storage bins in the Ikea cabinet. just great.....


  1. Maybe Bissel didn't want anyone to see her kittens. She is still protecting them. Glad they are with you. Have a great day.

  2. My current mama is much the same. Only she bites as well! Not hard, just enough to warn. She's improving as a)Bailey gets bigger and more independent b)she gets used to me/the place. I'm really, really hoping it's hormones and once she's spayed that behaviour disappears. Good luck with Bissel!

  3. Bissell doesn't know it, but she and her brood have now found a safe harbor from the storm!

  4. She seems like a good Mom cat. What funny names for the whole family!

  5. Great names and adorable kittens.

  6. MOL, I can't believe you named the family after vacuums! The babies are adorable. I hope the mom gets better with you soon.

  7. What fun names! Good luck with Bissell!

  8. We love the names! And the little ones are all so adorable!
    Cam and Mags

  9. I love the kittens! Said every person. EVER.

  10. Love the names! They are so adorable. I'm sure Bissell will come around after a few days..she's in a great place. Well, maybe not the bin, lol!

  11. Great minds, I guess! We named some kittens a while back after vacuums, too. :)

    Bissell seems like a good mama kitty. We hope she learns that Mom is awesome and real nice.


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