Friday, March 15, 2019

Rescue pics

Mom was taking pictures the other day at the rescue with her phone:

This is Pocahontas
She is 7 years old and came to the rescue
from an elderly owner that was evicted.
Her favorite place was the laundry room until she
was kicked out by another cat so she has taken to
hanging out in the bathroom and more and more
at the adoption desk. She is short and round and adorable.

This is Ivy
She is 8 years old. 
She was found as a stray and came to the rescue 9/16. 
She certainly deserves her
second chance.

This is Esparanza.
Remember mom's adventure New Year's Eve?
This is the girl she rescued. She is almost 6 years old.
She is still uncertain at the rescue with all the other
cats but she is out and about and looking for attention.


  1. Oh they are all such good looking cats. We so hope they find their new homes soon.

  2. Wishing furrever homes are just around the corner for these three lovely ladycats!

  3. We didn't realize Esparanza was still at the rescue. WE hope she and the others find families who adore them.

  4. Such beautiful photos of all three of these kitties. We all here hope they find their furever homes real soon. Thanks for sharing the photos. Have a wonderful upcoming weekend and good luck little ones.
    World of Animals

  5. Purrs that the kitties find their furever homes soon. They certainly do deserve second chances.

  6. How fun to see the kitties at the rescue! I am purring for them to get good homes.

  7. So glad these kitties are getting their second chances!

  8. They are all so beautiful! I hope they find good homes!

  9. Beautiful portraits ! We hope they all find a forever home soon ! Purrs

  10. They're all so cute, and we loved learning a bit more about them. Purring for furever homes real soon!


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