Wednesday, January 9, 2019

spot the cats

How many cats do YOU see???

The girls love that mom put this end table in this spot. It is right over one of the floor vents (where you see Ivy's feet sticking out from) and now that the bed in on the lower level, it is even better. The bed is heated, but mom leaves it off most of the time. She had turned it on, but Ivy kept getting off of it and leaving. Mom suspect with the whole thing sitting over the floor vent, it was getting too warm. The other nice thing is that this table is right next to the window and the cat ladder so it give another exit to that side of the room.

Someone asked on Monday in the comments how we got Hope from the lady. In this case, she had a decent relationship with mom's friend, so mom let her handle it. The lady signed a surrender form, loaded the cat in a carrier and mom's friend brought her to mom's car. Mom knows she is lucky it went that well, but based on conversations figured it would be fine or she wouldn't have gone by herself. In other news, Hope is relaxing a little so hopefully she can be looked at by the vet soon and we can help figure out a plan for her next step.


  1. I see three cats in the top picture. They all look like very happy kitty kats. Have a great day.

  2. Three cats in the top photo. It's good to hear that Hope has a chance at a good life now; what she came from was probably hell for her.

  3. We saw three kitties at the first sight. We're glad so read the news about Hope. Purrs

  4. How is Hope feeling? Any more confident at the adoption center? Please keep us posted about what the vet says.

  5. We saw five kitties! We purr that Hope keeps getting more comfortable so that the vet can check her out and make a recommendation.


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