Friday, November 16, 2018

Random Fridays

Balashi sees what you did there

this was mostly just a fuzzy picture of Kilkenny
until mom realized who lurked in the background (Marzen)

no idea why Guinness always looks so concerned

ok - maybe not ALWAYS

the bigger boys - Kilkenny and Marzen

Well, the kittens will be here for a little while longer. Marzen and Kilkenny are both available for adoption and on the website. However...everyone has a cold. It started with runny eyes and now everyone is sneezing and on meds. We caught it early enough that there isn't much snot and everyone is still eating like heathens, but they can't be neutered or go back to the adoption center in this state.

Goldfish continues to make some progress - even if it is baby steps. She was up on the bed a couple of times this week while mom was reading. Of course, she was all lovey one night and then the next morning gave mom the airplanes ears of annoyance. She hasn't gotten back on mom's lap since that first time, but she did park herself on the blanket on the floor last weekend when mom was watching TV.


  1. URI is so annoying.. I hope it clears up quickly.

    Goldfish just wants to keep you guessing.. no getting too familiar with her..

  2. They are so darn cute.I am dealing with a bunch of URI's myself. What do you use for medication?? Mine are getting fluids and Convenia. Hope they get better soon.

  3. Oh what dear faces. I wish I could love on them. Without the sneezing and snot though.

  4. Those sneaky URIs show up at the least convenient times. It sounds like Goldfish is learning from her big buddy, Chanel.... even if she is a bit of a slow study.

  5. So much cuteness!!! Sorry to hear about the snots and everything.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  6. MOL, I love that background lurking photo. Happy Friday!

  7. Dang it...colds! And you know it's going to take time for Goldfish; enjoy the small successes!

  8. Ugh! Colds suck! I hope they are past that very quickly so they can get adopted!

  9. Poor kittens. We hope they get over their colds soon.

  10. What a great picture of Marzen in the background. He looks ready to pounce.

  11. I admit I love each litter of kittens more than the last. Every time, I swear I'm in love!


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