Friday, November 2, 2018

Random Fridays

**quick note - there is something goofy going on with the web cameras at the moment. Mom hasn't had a chance to mess with them so hopefully she will figure it out this weekend (wish her luck)

Dear Marzen:
you are big enough - time to get neutered

Dear Saporro:
time to head to the adoption center

Dear Kilkenny:
please stop sneezing on people so you can go to the adoption center

Balashi - he is so funny. doesn't mind being held and will PURR, 
but he makes you catch him first

Guinness - the kitten with no sense of anyone else's personal space

well huh - no pictures of Peroni. Of course, it is as hard to get a picture of her as it is to get one of Guinness. Both of them want to be VERY_CLOSE to mom when she is in the foster room.

Goldfish has a magic trick: she likes to go into the foster room when mom goes in. Mom of course is either socializing kittens or doing stuff. Goldfish goes in looking for canned food. Anyhow, Monday morning she ran into the room. Mom tried to coax her back out, but of course Goldfish would have to walk BY mom to get out the door - and if mom holds the door open too long, other kittens escape. After a couple of tries, mom gave up and left Goldfish to spend the day with the kittens.

Only....when mom got home Monday night, Goldfish was in the living room sitting on the back of the chair.

Wait a minute....    Yep - she is climbing the screen door to get out. Mom caught her in the act on Wednesday night. Mom isn't really happy about Goldfish climbing the screens. We are going to have to give this some thought. Mom may have to break down and feed us and that kitten some canned food each time she goes into the kitten room. Hey - it's a win/win!!


  1. Oh Goldfish, you're such an adventurer!

  2. Goldfish, you are quite the character. You just go where ever you please and where the good food is located. You all have a great day.

  3. Sweet kittens! We are all hoping that you get adopted and have furrever homes as soon as possible. The Mom may need to change "Goldfish" to "Houdini"!

  4. It’s always a puzzler once they start over-riding the security measures. It seems it’s a constant fight to stay one step ahead of the clever creatures.

  5. Those babies are so adorable, we send our purrs they are able to find their furever homes soon.

    Goldfish, we're mightily impressed with your abilities. You're one smart kitty!

  6. Goldfish is pretty crafty. She has already figured out how to work the system for extra canned food. Way to go, tuxie!

  7. What a sneaky girl you are, Goldfish.

  8. That Goldfish certainly knows how to keep things exciting, huh?


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