Wednesday, November 28, 2018

about that time

**as a side note, both foster room cameras seem to be working again. apparently the technology fairy came to visit us (and no - that would NOT be mom)

Balashi and Peroni
she looks like she has that "enforcer" expression doesn't she?

Poor Guinness - he is so adorable and outgoing and sweet
and always looks so concerned

that Peroni - always someplace else to be when the camera appears

What? it's a selfie

finally holding still (sort of)

Balashi certainly has some fabulous stripes

It is about that time. Everyone is over 2 pounds and it would be nice to find them homes before Christmas (because what family doesn't need a new baby that will climb their Christmas tree?). With it being late in the year, they may be the smallest kittens available, so they will hopefully go quickly. Balashi may freak out at first at the adoption center but we suspect Peroni and Guinness will be fine.

That said...if you are near central Ohio and are interested, let us know now and we can hook you up. All three are very sweet and people oriented.


  1. Well, they sure are so cute. Bet they find homes really quickly.Wishing good luck to them all. Have a great day.

  2. Oh, don't tempt me like that, because I will be in Ohio this weekend...but more toward Cincinnati. Such cuties!

  3. We are wishing you all luck for finding furever homes before Christmas. They are all just too adorable and would look great climbing up a Christmas tree having some fun. Thanks for the share. Good luck to you all and have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  4. Paws crossed for homes for the holidays for these three!

  5. All fingers crossed that they will be home for Christmas!

    The Chans

  6. Purrs to you little ones, we hope you find your furever homes soon. We bet you'd all like climbing a Christmas tree!

  7. They will make perfect holiday kittens.

  8. A new family member for the holidays sounds great. Paws crossed for these little cuties!

  9. They are so cute ! We cross our paws and hope they find a loving forever home. Purrs

  10. We hope all of them are in loving forever homes for the holidays. Every kitten deserves a Christmas tree while they're still small enough not to tip it over...

  11. What a bunch of cuties, but especially Guinness...


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