Thursday, April 26, 2018

bathing a cat

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Don't need a bath - I am self cleaning, thanks

When mom saw this Burt's Bees Apple and Honey waterless shampoo on the list to test this month, she was pretty interested. Don't get us wrong, she says she really won't try to give one of us adults a bath unless it becomes desperate. She HAS given kittens a bath before, but they are slightly easier to manage.
However, with Chanel traveling to Blog Paws and a certain princess having some occasional dandruff issues, mom thought she would give this a try.

Word of warning - the sound of the spray made every cat disappear!! She ended up spraying it on the brush and using it that way.
Once she figured that part out, it worked pretty well. It helped pull out some loose hair from Chanel, and Miss Julie even used it in the hotel on a certain OTHER tuxedo cat after she was rolling in the clean litter box. Even Ivy didn't mind it (too much). It smells nice too...but not over powering enough that any cats were put off.

One word of marketing note - could companies SERIOUSLY stop putting dog bones on cat products???

But, we like this one and mom will keep it around - maybe even throwing it in Chanel's backpack for travel purposes.


  1. Some OTHER tuxedo cat is so busted. Seriously, though, this stuff worked really well on Cupcake, and we were glad you had it on hand to try on her, too.

  2. I think I'll add this to my next Chewy order! Thank you for the review

  3. I get full show baths twice a month, and have since I was four months old! This would be a cakewalk for me. Actually, that is another thing we cats who have competed in shows get desensitized to - the "hiss" sound of products that spray. I think it really helps keep us calmer overall.

    1. My Plush too, not much rattled him anymore. I have two show baths to do today.

  4. Mom wants to try this. I'm very offended that she says sometimes I'm a little stinky.

  5. We’re glad this worked for Chanel. And we agree about the dog bones.

  6. MOL - good call on the dog bone. Yeah, we've probably had a time or two when we could've used this. Thanks for the review!


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