Thursday, March 29, 2018

Food review #ChewyInfluencer [sponsored]

 Thanks to for the free food. Getting it does not impact our opinions and everything you read here is our own thoughts about the product. 

This month we decided to try Stella and Chewy's Chick Chick Chicken Dinner Morsels. They are freeze dried raw food that mom thought we should try (again - last time the freeze dried food [a different brand though] was not a hit with anyone). The description says it is 98% poultry with 100% organic fruits and veggies....though mom read the ingredient list and there are no fruits or veggies listed. Just chicken....chicken....chicken....and some added vitamins and minerals.

The food comes in these nugget shapes and you add warm water to reconstitute them.

Well looky there - we have a 3 cat approval. That darned Ivy refuses to cooperate with these reviews.

Honestly, mom wasn't sure what was going to happen with this. She had tried freeze dried raw in the past with some sick kittens. (not this brand) The kittens wouldn't touch it and neither would Tim, Tom or Mo. However, mom has been thinking about switching us to raw or something close and wanted to give this a trial run. Ivy may be a hard case, but it is nice to know that everyone else seems to be on board with this option. Mom hasn't done the "per meal pricing" but this is a little expensive compared to what we are eating now. But certainly a good option and the fact that it is freeze dried means it doesn't take up space in the fridge or freezer.


  1. Looks like they like the food. There always has to be someone that doesn't cooperate. Hope they continue to like it. Have a super day.

  2. A three cat approval sounds pretty good!

  3. Think I'll show this to The Hubby; he gets crazy when I talk 'raw', but this may suit his level of germ warfare contagion.

  4. We sometimes have this, just dry! It is tasty that way too. Food expense is relative - my human was spending a boatload of money taking her dad's cat, Smokey to the vet. When she put her on a raw-only diet (with no chicken, since she seems to be allergic), she got better! It's been a few months now, and no vet visits... at least not until her regular check up, hopefully!


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