Monday, March 5, 2018

bird tv

We live in a condo with 4 units - 2 townhouses back to back, a ranch at one end and then us in the "carriage house" over all four garages.  This means that we have windows across the one side of the house and the rain soffets run across our roof line. Despite having complained, we have birds that like to nest in the one corner. And it drives everyone here NUTS!! We can sometimes here them against the one wall....and they fly back and forth all the time.

Yes, her back feet are on a rung on the cat ladder
and her front feet are on the windowsill

If Junior sees them or hears them, he goes nuts. Well Saturday morning they were in full flight and Chanel caught sight of them. Up the ladder she ran and proceeded to climb through the ladder to perch half on the window and chatter at the birds.

See this happens and you no longer wonder why mom is going grey.... hahaha


  1. We have excitement from our window, too, but nothing like yours! I see mostly people and a few odd ducks, but not that many birds, hehe! - Tom

  2. Oh Chanel, how exciting for you.Looks like fun to us. You all have a fine Monday.

  3. Looks like a beefier cat perching area may be needed for the near future! Something made from concrete, maybe...LOL!

  4. I'm sure the kitties would like to go out and help "control" the bird problem.

  5. guyz....yur mom iz goin gray N we wood wanna hide R selves frum all civil eye zationz for de rest oh etern a tee if that kinda burd act shun waz round R houz....ewe haz R sorreez ~~~~


  6. That's an interesting design for residences. I'vbe not heard of a house spreading laterally across others' garages before.

  7. That Bird TV sure sounds...and looks...interesting!


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