Thursday, March 22, 2018

Best Friends Day 3 and 4

Wednesday morning was back to CalMar at Cat World. If you want to do a sleepover, you need to volunteer in that section, so we did that first.

The kid wanted to volunteer with puppies, but there weren't any up there this time. So she and mom headed over to Old Friends. Each dog section is set up with 2 octagons with indoor and outdoor runs. Old Friends is mainly older dogs, but some with special needs (there are a pair of huskys there now with cerebellar hypoplasia that are about 1 year old). The kid had heard about Azalea so taking her out for a walk was first on their agenda.

Azalea looks like a Great Pyrenees, but she is actually a turkish breed 
of dog (that mom can't remember the name of right now). She is SUPER
sweet and recovering from ACL surgery, so it was a short walk but lots of 
love at the end of the walk.

This is Ludo. Mom and the kid were cleaning his kennel when 
he decided to see if he could "win" the new person game. Mom 
ignored his antics (he grabbed his blanket and shook it all over) 
and the caregiver finally came into his run and took him outside
for a quick training session while they cleaned. He is a very nice boy.

Marble was rescued by a staff member after she was found running
as a stray. She is VERY shy so the caregivers asked if the kid
would be willing to hand feed her and work on her people skills.
Marble came right up and was very accepting of everything going on around her.

This is Connie. She was their overnight guest on Wednesday. She
loved being in the hotel room - especially looking out the window.
She is from the CalMar house and is FeLV postitive.

Thursday morning, mom and the kid moved on to piggy paradise. They learned a lot of about the myth of teacup or mini pigs (there really is no such thing). They got to help prepare breakfast and take it out to the enclosures. Every pig is spayed or neutered and they all live in groups as they are very social animals. And then....they got to go for a walk. The pigs have learned the routine, and volunteers carry containers of treats (in this case almonds) to encourage the pigs to keep moving or get out of traffic.

And finally it was time to head home. They traveled back to Las Vegas on Thursday afternoon and got to have dinner with Miss Trish. Friday was a LONG travel day but they made it back home safely.

If you EVER get the chance to go visit, mom encourages it. If you have questions, feel free to ask.


  1. That sure does sound like such a fun time. Even pigs. Glad you all had such a good time. Thanks for telling us all about it.

  2. 2019 could be my year to finally go to Best Friends!

  3. What a fun trip! And getting to have overnight guests. And visiting with pigs! And visit with the Katnip Lounge human! That is all so awesome - thank you for sharing your Best Friends adventures with us.

  4. my only question is how do you....leave !! ??? I 'd have ta take a vacation that turned into "sick days" ☺☺ that turned into a sabbatical and ooooops I forgot to go back to work. I 'll have to show this post to dad, he has a fondness for the pot belly ! Thanx for sharing this week ☺☺♥♥

    1. which explains why people end up working out there :)

  5. This really is a place the mom wants to visit.

  6. Pigs are very intelligent, I understand. I've never met one, so I'd like to seehow they converse and behave.


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