Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Chanel's ride

After letting the stroller sit in the living room for a while, mom took it and Chanel out for a ride on Sunday. She wants to make the outings short and fun for now. You can read the article about the purchase on Cats Going Places too. (there is video over there as well)

Mom moved her from the carrier in the car to the stroller and then zipped it shut. Since Chanel had never been actually shut in there before, she was a little surprised by the screen coming down. MOL

Once inside though, mom unzipped the top and moved it back so Chanel could see out better. There are two straps attached to the bottom of the stroller but mom left Chanel's leash on just in case. She acted like she was going to try to get out once, but mom settled her back inside and she was fine. They took a walk around a local pet store and Chanel did very well.

The only time Chanel really look startled was on the way back to the car. Mom stopped to get her out of the stroller and into her carrier and a breeze picked up. Chanel looked around and her ears flattened back but nothing beyond that.

Mom is learning though - when they got back in the car, she gave Chanel a couple of treats in her carrier. That may start to backfire though as some kitten had a few demands when the treats were gone. 


  1. You did great, Chanel! You'll be a pro in no time.

  2. That is great that Chanel gets to go for rides. And she is doing so well. Good girl Chanel. You all have a great day.

  3. So... All this is really a carefully thought out plan to get more treats. We are in awe of her logic skills.

  4. I'm glad this seems to be working out for you, Chanel! MOL about the treats.

  5. That’s a great ride you have, Chanel.

  6. Chanel, that is one funky fresh ride!


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