Friday, December 1, 2017

Random Fridays

If you would like a Christmas postcard from us this year, drop us a quick email to randomfelines at hotmail dot com (yes we spelled it out - trying to avoid the bots).

Speaking of Christmas cards, mom took Chanel last Saturday to a photo shoot being held at a local pet specialty store to benefit a senior dog rescue. A local professional photographer donated his time and talents and did a great job. Chanel was the only cat and was wonderful. Mom was giving it 60/40 odds against her cooperation, but she got into the back area, mom sat her down on the bench and she sat there like a champ. Mom sort of wishes she had taken off Chanel's harness and just put on her collar (the photographer photoshopped out her leash) but thinking now, it may not have worked as Chanel seems to "sit" more with the harness on.

Mom is using a different one for our card.

The Texas kittens are all spayed and neutered and ready to go. Adoption events this weekend and then up to the adoption center. Hopefully they will go quickly as they are just such a nice group of kittens and VERY people friendly.

Oh - and there were comments about how long the log cabin would last with the kittens. The log cabin in the living room where the permanent residents have access but NO KITTENS allowed (except for that tuxedo one that lives here).

Have a nice and safe weekend.


  1. Oh those are such great pictures of Chanel. Well done to her and the photographer. Hope those Texas kittens find some great homes.You all have a super day.

  2. what cute photos! Feel free to email us our card (cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com) we thought we would be able to get our custom cards this year (like we got last year, that had our blogs on them) but we can't afford them this year)......we are going to do A LOT via email (and we will go buy regular boxed cards at the store, but we haven't bought them yet) xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  3. What a beautiful image. The harness in the first picture makes her look like she's dressed up for the occasion.

  4. Those are both lovely photos.
    I have just posted the majority of my cards to those on my regular list of which you are one. Hopefully you should get it sometime towards the end of next week.

  5. Chanel's a natural! She's got the head tilt down! Who could resist that face?!?

  6. Goes to show that professionals can do a good job! Excellent images of Chanel!

  7. Those photos of Chanel are beautiful!

  8. I love these photos of Chanel! My human says I get to meet Santa Paws in a week! Well, meet Santa Paws again - the last time we tried, I was still a kitten and didn't want to sit with him!

  9. Chanel is so sweet! Mom bean says she cannot imagine any of us behaving ourselves long enough for a photo shoot.

    Good luck to the little ones, we hope they find their furever homes soon.

  10. Those are beautiful photos, and we hope all the kittens find wonderful homes fast!


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