Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Texas kittens

The Texas kittens are doing well. They are BOUNCY and active...which makes getting pictures tough. They are also fascinated by the door so mom has to catch them on their way out when she opens the door to go inside the foster room. Everyone got pawdicures on Sunday as mom is tired of the kittens climbing her and stabbing her (we can't imagine why).


Shiner (again - maybe??)

Bristol (pretty sure)


Marfa has the white stripe on her nose along with her other white markings and Amarillo has white chest and feet. Shiner and Bristol are actually easier to tell apart in person than in pictures. Shiner is a darker tabby and Bristol is more of a caramel color. However, in pictures it is harder to tell color. Mom hasn't weighed them, but just based on her guess, they probably have another month to go before they are ready for surgery.


  1. Well they are all too cute. I am sure they don't care what you call them. Have a great day.

    1. nope - so long as it isn't "late for breakfast" :)

  2. Sweet babes! So, you don't like being punctured with needle-sharp kitten claws...what's wrong with you?!? Hahahaha!

  3. So much cuteness in such a tiny package!!! After I adopted Ellie, I couldn't figure out why I had scratches down my chest ... and then it hit me ... she likes to "climb" my chest so she can put her head on my shoulder. Those back claws weren't clipped and she's an expert at using them. Now, they stay clipped :)

  4. They are so cute ! We don't know why, but Claire agrees with your mom about kitten claws... Purrs

  5. They are VERY cute - and yeah, they look pretty lively. :)

  6. hay ewe wee onez.....yur all lookin grate N two cute for werdz.... !! ♥♥☺☺

  7. Can you hear our mom SQUEEEEEEing?
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  8. Oh, they are so darn cute! Mom bean says one kitten was enough scratching and biting for her so she can't imagine having five of them running around.


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