Friday, July 28, 2017

random Fridays

Just to keep mom guessing, Panache has decided that the dry food for the kittens is better than the canned (she wouldn't touch it when she first came here). However, mom has seen Mallard and Foxy eating on their own, so progress is being made.

Thanks for all the comments on Millie. Mom knew from her being here that she might be a tough nut. However, we wanted to give her and the family a chance. Now we know more about how she is going to do and that her adjustment may just take a little more time that the "average" cat. She is sweet though and hopefully an experienced person will be along to be her "one and only".


Daiquiri wishes you a safe and cooler weekend. The nights have been a little cooler here this week but we don't get a decent breeze in the condo so mom has left the windows closed with the a/c on.

lazy bunch of monkeys
(clockwise from the front: Rooney (pre-surgery), Bogart (red collar),
Harlow, Flynn (green collar at 12 o'clock) and Bacall)

not a great picture of Rooney as it was taken through the screen, 
but the look on his face made mom laugh

her ears aren't REALLY that big - bad camera perspective

We posted last week on facebook/instagram about a tragic camper accident. There were no witnesses and no one is talking. The foster kittens Asked Max on Monday about getting the camper replaced using the mom's insurance. He said it was unlikely to happen.

Chanel hasn't been adopted from the center yet, but she is in the older kitten room and thankfully is out and about playing and meeting people. Paws crossed maybe this weekend. 


  1. Uh Oh, that looks like a big camper accident. All you tuxedos sure are cute. Hope everyone has a great day.

  2. Oh, sweet Millie. Her forever home is out there. Great photos of this bunch!

  3. We love that shot of Daiquiri!
    Sorry about the camper accident. Sometimes these things just happen. No, really. Trust me, I'm a Siberian Husky.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  4. Aww, I want a lazy bunch of monkeys in my house! Well, I guess I have that already - they're just adult monkeys.

  5. Do you have an Amazon wish list? I would be happy to replace the camper if you have one.

  6. This year's kitten season brought to you by the colors black and white :)

  7. That camper looks like a roll of duct tape might help.

  8. It's cooler here today and we've got all the windows open. Too bad about the camper...must have been one of those inexperienced drivers. :)

  9. They're all so cute!

    Yikes, that was some camper accident. Darn those distracted drivers! :)

  10. It's been stifling here...we look forward to the days when we can have open windows again! Happy Sunday from Deb and the Zee/Zoey gang

  11. I think the camper does need some duct tape! I love Rooney's face!

  12. The camper totally needs duct tape!

    And apparently, Jack is the size of three kittens.


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