Thursday, June 29, 2017

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We got the product from free from for our honest review. 
Receiving the product doesn't influence our views and opinions are our own.

sorry - fuzzy picture

Tommy - our old man cat at almost 14 years old

Mozart - our second oldest cat at almost 11 years old

Tommy has definitely been slowing down the last year or so. Mom noticed this along with him losing weight and had the vet run a senior blood panel on him. Everything came back normal, but he is still pretty skinny and was slowing down.

Mozart has ALWAYS been skinny but was showing his age as well. Mom hasn't had his senior bloodwork done yet, but he is getting up there and mom worries about him as well.

So when the items came out for review from Chewy for June and mom saw this supplement, she got interested. Her original intent had been to start when she got it and give you the full 30 day review. Then life happened and we had kittens, and a big adoption event, and kittens, and delivering Cupcake, and did we mention kittens? So the boys have been taking this now for just over 10 days. The product website says you should notice results in 7-10 days, so at least mom knows she should be noticing something.

Which she has....both Tommy and Mozart seem a little more active and alert. Mozart has started back bringing a toy to mom each night when she goes to bed...while she could do without the howling "look I killed it for you" song, she does smile that he is back to being his mighty hunter self. Tommy seems more confident when jumping on the bed and not quite so creaky. Both boys are still skinny so we suspect it doesn't affect weight (they are both eating like normal, so no worries there).

Fortunately, Tommy and Mo are easy to "medicate". This comes in a liquid form and you just give them one dropper amount twice per day. Mom isn't sure what it tastes like (you want to know, YOU can try it), but both boys let her give it to him and Mo has been seem smacking him lips.

So we have to give this one 4 paws up. The bottle says it is a 30 day supply, but we suspect that is for 1 cat. That said, after 10 days there is plenty left in the bottle.

Thanks to Chewy and Wapiti Labs for letting us try this one. 


  1. That sounds like good stuff. We might have to try that on some of our older ones. Glad to hear that it isn't hard to give to them. That sure was a great review too. You too older kitties do good reviews. You all have a good day.

  2. Interesting stuff! Thanks for the review!

  3. That sounds like something maybe Binga and Boodie should try!

  4. Great review! We have never heard of that product; we're glad it seems to be helping Mo and Tommy!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  5. I may have to look into that for Jenna!

  6. That's pawsome! We got the respiratory formula for Mudpie and have been very pleased too!

  7. That's great that it seems to be working. What handsome mancats, too!

  8. We might need to try this for us. We're both seniors here, 13 yrs.

  9. We're glad that the supplement is helping.

  10. It's good to see more life in the older fellows. Long may it be so.

  11. It is nice you are seeing some improvement. I wasn't thrilled with the idea of the product because a couple of them marketed for cats had Chrysanthemum Flowers in it - which is the source of pyrethrum which is toxic to cats.


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