Thursday, April 20, 2017

just over 3 weeks old

Mom suspects there will be a break out from the box soon. Versace will stand up and look over the edge and mom caught Chanel doing the same thing as well. Guess it is time to break out the non-clumping litter for a while.

(he is lighter than Versace and has white on him as well)


check out that black spot on her toes

the orange boys (Gucci in the back) and Dior

weigh ins
Gucci     11 1/8 ounces
Versace  13 1/4 ounces
Chanel   11 1/4 ounces
Dior       12 3/4 ounces
Armani  12 3/4 ounces

So Gucci is still the light weight and his orange brother is still the reigning heavy weight. Mom keeps thinking that Armani is the lightest but he keeps proving her wrong. They continue to gain weight and are doing well. Versace was doing a little baby pouncing and biting of his siblings the other night. As mom says...that is all fun and games until someone gets some teeth.  :)

Millie continues to do well. She still does the occasional "drive by" nibble on mom but nothing aggressive. Still not sure why she does it, but whatever. She is getting a little more possessive of her space and the kittens with all of us on the other side of the doors. Mom is going to block the sight line on the farthest door that is by the shelves outside the room. We mostly leave the room alone unless mom is in there and then we are trying to sniff around and see in a little bit. Until the other night, Millie had kept herself to growling a little at the doors if someone was out there. However, Monday night she saw Tommy on the shelf and launched herself up and at the screen door (she looked like Spiderman hanging up there). Luckily mom can talk her down and she doesn't turn on mom when she is angry. However, mom will be spending some time working on cutting down our access to the doors until she is a little more sure about things.

And again - no fault will ever be placed on Millie - she is protecting her kittens and that is her job.


  1. The little ones are just precious! Yes, soon they'll be on the prowl! :-)

  2. Millie is a good Moomy protecting the cutest little kittens in the word. We're glad everyone is doing well.

  3. They are all looking mighty good. Won't be long now, and they will all be running around. It is so much fun watching them grow up.

  4. Guess it's really not an escape attempt, if everyone knows it's going to happen beforehand! I simply LOVE those widdle flap-down ears!

  5. They sound like they're getting ready to explore the wider world all right.

  6. Millie does sound like a very protective mom - but with such precious little things, of course no one could blame her. I can't believe Versace is already getting close to a full pound!

  7. We are so curious to see what Armani is going to look like! What interesting markings he has! (And Chanel's little spot on her toes made our mom "squee"!)

  8. millie....ewe izza awesum mom, de wee onez will tell ya two... soon az they get a cell ewe lar dee vize.....N look at cha all....everee onez growin soooper quik it seemz ....☺☺♥♥


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