Friday, December 2, 2016


This was supposed to post on Wednesday. Somehow it got posted back to November 5th - and some of you saw it....technical difficulties  :)

Dandelion LOVES the girls. Freedom was the first to warm up to him and Liberty has since decided that he is fun as well. Though poor boy - Freedom kept climbing back INTO the foster room (and mom would put Liberty in there who would let herself back OUT). It has been a few days now and the girls seem to be very content living in the foster room with Chambord and Cassis. Mom gives them the opportunity to come out but they don't seem that interested. These pictures are from last weekend.

the expression on Freedom's face cracks us up

enough of that

Everyone is doing pretty well. We were hoping there would be an opening at a partner store for Freedom and Liberty, but nothing at the moment. They are fine here and they are on the website as well. Mom needs to weigh Cassis and Chambord is getting over a mild cold. Once they are big enough (Chambord already is) and ready to go, they can be spayed. We suspect with all of the adoptions last week they will go quickly.

Speaking of last weekend, the rescue did 109 adoptions in 4 days.....28 adults, 76 kittens (which includes juveniles) and 5 dogs. WOO HOO!!


  1. Great pictures of those two. That is so great about all those adoptions. Well done to everyone.

  2. MOL I love every single photos of this post.
    Make my day ! Sibling =^x^=

  3. 109 adoptions!!!!! WAAHOO! Rock on!

  4. Whoa, and Yippee for a great adoption event! Dandelion reminds us very much of our Quint who loves all girl cats, too. Good thing. He has eight sisters!

  5. This is a very cute series of photos. Congrats on all of the adoptions!

  6. WOW! What an amazing adoption event! Congrats!!!

    Dandelion and the girls are so, so adorable together!


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