Tuesday, October 4, 2016

wait a second

The 10th annual fundraiser for the rescue was on Sunday. Mom ran some errands, cleaned at the store where she helps and then came home and got changed. As she was leaving, this guy walked straight toward her:

Seriously???  Mom thumped her head on the steering wheel of the car, then got out. He was RIGHT UP TO HER!! She grabbed him, shoved him in a carrier and carted him off to the rescue. Not neutered, no id, found out yesterday no microchip. Mom got a text yesterday that he wasn't really happy when the head of the rescue got there and checked on him, but considering his attitude on Sunday, hopefully he will settle down and be fine. Not sure about his age, but mom guesses 7-8 months old. And yes, we checked the local pet lost and found and got nothing.

Speaking of the fundraiser, mom reached out to Miss Sydney at Chewy.com and they sent over a couple of very nice scratchers and some treats and other things for the silent auction. And mom saw that Cat Lady Box sent over a box with the clock from last month too. We don't know the final numbers yet, but hopefully lots of money and awareness was raised.

Mom left a note to name the new orange guy "Waffles". MOL


  1. We think Waffles is a great name for the new orange guy! We're glad he found you.

  2. Hope lots of $$ was raised! Waffles knew EXACTLY who to go to for help! Doesn't that give you warm fuzzies?

  3. I had a kitty walk right up to me in the parking lot the other day. Since we are in a residential area I wasn't comfortable picking it up and taking it to the shelter, but now I so wish I had since I haven't seen it again.

    Glad the fundraiser was a success. How very nice of Chewy to send you things, I didn't know they did that.

    1. Dang...missed another birthday. :)
      We don't live in a really great area and mom didn't feel comfortable just leaving him wandering around - kids, traffic, etc.

  4. It was nice of your mom to help Waffles out! He certainly walked up to the right person. Kitties seem to know who the best people are. Waffles is a handsome guy! I hope that he is able to find a great forever home soon!
    -Purrs from your friends at www.PlayfulKitty.net

  5. Talk about spontaneous rescue! Waffles is a perfect name for this guy.

  6. We hope the new Waffles finds a forever home soon. We hope the silent auction is a huge success ! Purrs

  7. ~~~~~~~~~ waves two ewe waffles ....we hope ya find yur for everz home reel lee soon, may bee even with a sisturr named katie !! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  8. Well, at least this orange boy is off the streets and can now find a home. Paws up to your mom for catching him.

  9. You're just a cat magnet, I guess! I hope you were able to raise a lot of money!


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