Thursday, October 6, 2016

the patriot girls

Well, mom has embarked on a social experiment with the girls. Since they are still snotty, they can't be spayed and they can't go to the adoption center. it just mom they don't like? Are they ok with other people? How do they do in strange situations???

She took them out to a couple of different places in the last few days and was pleasantly surprised. They hid for a few minutes but then curiosity got the best of them and they would come out to check out the new surroundings. They didn't mind other people holding them, though it took a few minutes for them to relax. Loud sounds would make them jump and hide, but they recovered pretty quickly. And they can be bribed with canned food and treats.  MOL

All in all, it reinforces mom's belief that they are adoptable into the right home. It will have to be quiet and with a family (or person) that is understanding and patient and willing to give them time to come out of their shells.

Freedom is definitely braver but Liberty did much better than mom expected of her.

Now to get them over the snot.....

when they first came to us




  1. Such sweet little faces. We hope they find the right situation soon.

  2. Have firm belief that you will find a solution, and get these two sweeties into a home of their own. Actually, I like the idea of carrying kittens around with me...LOL!

  3. getting them out of the house and then bringing them home does amazing things for their self confidence in general.

  4. You look so sweet in those pictures!!! You need a home of your own very soon!!!!!

  5. That is good news! Sometimes it just takes the right people and/ or situation to bring a kitty out of her shell.

  6. They may associate your mum with the shock of the new place, so other people may be a bit more acceptable to them. And that's good news for possible adoptions.

  7. Oh my gosh, they are so cute! HOpe the snots go away soon.

  8. trout soop freedom & liberty...trout soop ~~~~~ well, act shoo a lee any kinda fish food a bullz will werk ☺☺☺ we send all de ebst ya both findz yur for everz home...& two gether !!!

    we iz offline til monday sew heerz two an eeltail catfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  9. We sure hope the kits stop being snotty soon.


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