Saturday, October 15, 2016

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cat people versus dog people

When did we get so divided? What happened to "pet people" or "animal people"?

Just the other day mom was on facebook and there was a post about the stupid new law in Montreal banned pitty type dogs. The first comment posted said "that is what happens when cat people get elected to city council". Excuse us?? Mom commented back and said that the comment was uncalled for - that ALL animal people should be against breed specific legislation. (the guy never responded - and the ASPCA took the city council to court to try to get the ban overruled)

That isn't the only example - there are articles all over the place about how one animal group is more outgoing or smarter or whatever than the other group. Granted, most of these articles are clickbait trying to get you to come to their site and have no real scientific basis, but that doesn't stop the public from reading the articles and believing they are true - heck we have seen some of them make it on to the national news.

Mom thinks there is a pet out there that fits the lifestyle of anyone who wants to put in the time and commitment. But choosing one pet over another doesn't make you wrong or right..... find what works for you and for that pet and make a life together. And stop criticizing people for their choices.

Can't we all just get along???


  1. Don't get me started on Montreal's STUPID ban! We have the same one in Toronto and it's just beyond uninformed. As for dog/cat people, I always say I like dogs but I'm more comfortable with cats -- I understand them better. I've just been around them more.

  2. It's very sad that people can't see past the 'bull.' I have met many pitties and found them to be wonderful dogs. They were called 'nanny dogs' for a reason!

    I hope the Montreal City Council can see through the fear mongering and have the good sense to overturn their own ban. But given their record, I can't help but wonder which animal-of-inconvenience will they discriminate against next?

    Debby Hanoka
    Boca Raton, FL, USA
    Owned And Opurrated By The Feline Contingent (Lilith, Rosco, & Tina)

  3. We agree... there are already too many issues dividing humans, we don't need to artificially create more.

  4. I am amazed at the torrent of emotions people allow themselves to be victim to.

  5. In her home life, my human is not a dog person - they really don't do anything for her as a pet. But she will fight to the DEATH for dogs' rights, and the rights of any other animal to live a happy, cruel-free life. And it really makes her mad when she sees hatred towards any specific species. The pitbull bans that keep popping up are SO wrong.

  6. Very well said! Although I have a blog about cats, our first pet was a dog, who is still going strong with us 13 years later! My husband says that he's not a dog or cat person -- he's a furry animal person.

  7. That's ridiculous! We shouldn't be divided. I mean people shouldn't be.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  8. You are 100% right. The only problem is that there are some people who don't bother to do the research on the breed they're sure they want. They go based on status or looks and then get the animal and realize it doesn't fit their lifestyle. And every single time, the animal pays ... either from being surrendered at a shelter ... or from lack of proper training ...
    It happens with pitties, and Sphynx cats and chicks and bunnies ... legislating doesn't fix the problem - only education can do that.

  9. We so agree. We are PET people and should work towards one goal.

  10. That pit bull ban in Montreal is so asinine. Just horrible.

    Having said that, animal people should all just get along. Seriously.

  11. We agree ! You're right, and you said it very well. Purrs

  12. Amen! An excellent post, and well written!

  13. I am a cat person, and an advocate. I will stand up every single time I see dogs getting more attention and better status than cats, who are far too often relegated to an afterthought or even second class citizenship..

    But to say cat people and dog people should be at each other, or that it was a cat person who banned dogs? no. just no. grr.


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