Friday, September 9, 2016

Mo Cats Day

Thanks for all the comments yesterday. We will keep you posted if we catch Fiona along the way.

Some good news:
Hops has been adopted. The market from Sunday was located in a shopping strip. One of the owners of the aquarium store next to the market came out a few times to check on the kittens (the table was right next to their front door). The owner filled out an application, mom checked it over and everything was fine, and Hops went home Wednesday afternoon. He will have 2 dads, and older kitty sister and 2 dogs to live with. Normally adopters come to the adoption center to finalize everything, but Hops was still at the house and the adopter works on the opposite side of town from the adoption center. So mom decided to deliver....and Hops got to check out the fish store!!

Every year we make the laughing comment that our Mo thinks this holiday is ALL about him.

This year we would like to ask mom to have "no mo cats" for a while until these guys grow up and move along. (mom says she makes no guarantees)

So far they seem to be more into making a mess than eating much. There is evidence they are using the litter box, and we are sure Marilyn is THRILLED by that part of it. They can often be found all piled up together, which is such a joy to see. Obviously the kittens don't care that they aren't actually related. And bless Marilyn for being so tolerant....she is caring and feeding all of them and the other night after a snack, two of them climbed up on her back and took a snooze. MOL (of course mom had left her phone and camera in the other room too....)

Barley will be headed up to the adoption center today and we have our paws crossed he gets adopted over the weekend. He got pretty whiny Wednesday night after Hops left. He was in the foster space with Wheat (the patriot girls were still in the tower) but apparently she just wasn't interesting enough. Mom played with them both, but if she left, he grumped. Finally mom gave up and moved the patriot girls out of the tower and back into the foster space. Mom didn't want Barley exposed to them, but 2 days of whining might push her over the edge. MOL  Barley was super excited to see the girls. Between that and his flirting with Fiona, Barley must have a thing for older women. hahaha

Liberty and Freedom are responding to the different meds and seem to be doing much better. Mom also borrowed a nebulizer from the rescue and used that for a few days on them both and we are sure that helped break up the snot. Not ready for surgery quite yet, but getting there.

Wheat is doing well. Her eyes are still a little goopy, but she is playing and super friendly. Just need to get some weight on her and she will be ready to go.

We also want to apologize if you have been checking the web camera. We are in contact with the company and we think they are sending a new one. Not sure if we just got a wonky camera or what, but it has been working sporadically for the last 10 days or so.


  1. WOO HOO pawesome news fur Hops!!!!! We are so happy fur him we could burst!!!!!

    Bestest new furrmily purrs

    basil & CO xox

  2. Paw up for Marilyn ! Me got no idea with da kittens

  3. Got to admit, a pile of sleeping kittens is a delight to see! Glad that Hops has hopped to his new home; keeping fingers crossed for everyone else to get snot-free, diarrhea-free, gain enough weight, and everything else needed for adoptions!

  4. Yay for Hops! I bet the fish store was very exciting for him.

  5. Yippee Hops! Good to hear everyone else is feeling better. Hope Fiona finds her way back again.

  6. Paws up for Hops! I hope Barley gets a home too this weekend.

  7. So glad that Hops got adopted. Sounds like a great home for him.

  8. Those are all great news ! Yay ! Purrs

  9. Congrats to Hops and his new family! That's fantastic!
    And of COURSE Mo Cats Day is about Mo. I mean ... c'mon.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  10. happee gotcha day two ewe hops.....we iz buzzed happee for ewe N hope ya stop bye everee now N then N let uz all noe how ewe iz......waves two everee one, theeze bee sum awesum fotoz.....{ N ya noe; we could never see stuff on yur camera....purrhapz R pea sea ???

    heerz two a spotted climbing perch kinda week oh end !! ♥♥♥

  11. Paws up for Hops getting such a happy ending! It is impressive what a good mother Marilyn is being to such a big clowder of kittens. She's earning a break when this is all over, for sure.

  12. We're so glad Hops has found a home! We forgot all about Mo Cats Day.

  13. Marilyn is such a good Momma! Love to see all the kittens together like it was always that way :)

  14. YAY for adoptions and YAY for Mo's cat day.. no, wait.. Mo Cat Day.. :)

  15. What a happy post!
    Have a wonderful Sunday...

    Noodle and crew

  16. Hooray for Hops! Concatulations to him and his new family!

  17. Congrats to Hops on finding a forever home.

    Happy Purrday to Spuds.

    We are sorry Fiona escaped before she could be spayed, but things happen. Perhaps you will be able to trap her again and get her spayed. At least her kittens are safe and will have a chance at forever homes.


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