Friday, August 12, 2016

random Fridays

A little more about our TNR boy from yesterday. Mom emailed the other lady who lives near us and it seems she sees this boy. Either way, he is now neutered. The vet at the clinic did check his eye and this it may be a defect or an old injury. Either way nothing really to do for it. Someone asked if he can see out of it, and there really is no way to tell, but looking at him in the trap, it doesn't seem to bother him.

When mom traveled to Maine, she realized she left her necklace and rings. Miss Connie sent them back to her and included that green toy. Not sure if it is 'nip or 'vine, but it is pretty popular around here.

Still have the hot and humids....yuck!!

foster kittens, tuxedo kitten
mystery solved - his name is Sherlock

We have been having an issue with escaping kittens from the foster room. They are climbing the screen doors and jumping over. Not something mom is a big fan of....for several reasons. She is working on a potential solution, so we shall see what happens.

However, she got home from work on Wednesday - after picking up the TNR boy and releasing him - and discovered that Sherlock had escaped....and knocked over a plant and spread the dirt EVERYWHERE! Especially all over mom's chair in our living room. Oh.....she was ticked off. She knows it wasn't malicious, but oh she was mad....  We have ONE plant in the house and he managed to knock it over. Mom spent a while picking up and using the evil dyson to clean up.

Then she sent a text to the head of the rescue - could mom possibly take the boy back to the adoption center? He is healthy and ready to go....and needs to get out of the house. She was told to take him up there and mom ran to get him there before they closed.

Mom and another volunteer scanned his chip to find his information and then get him set up in a condo that is used for kittens. As they were doing this, there was a woman who had come in looking to adopt. She had adopted from us this spring and the kitten developed FIP and passed away. The family waited, but knew they wanted another kitten. The lady asked to hold Sherlock and bless him he rolled over and purred like a lunatic.

Long story short - mom got the kitten out of the house....and without even getting him back in a cage, he got adopted and went home. Bwahahaha.....  When she got home, mom sent a text to the head of the rescue and got a response "oh that's funny. too perfect"

We could agree more. Congrats on getting adopted Sherlock!!!

foster kitten, tortie
Juniper is ready to go - just needs to be spayed. Mom called the clinic the other day and they are WAY backed up so the rescue is going to see if they can fit her into another appointment before the end of the month. She can't be adopted until she is spayed. But.....if you know anyone looking for an outgoing super sweet tortie, send them our way....


  1. * Smile * Tuxedo is always charming =^x^=
    Concats Sherlock ! so happy for you

  2. I usually say congrats to the people who adopted.. but in this case, Congrats Sherlock! not having to spend time in a cage to be adopted ROCKS! especially one so full of it :)

    and congrats to their people.

    and it's nip :)

    1. thanks....they way we were acting mom couldn't tell what sort of weird high test stuff was in there hahaha

  3. We love Juniper - she always looks so cute.

  4. I love things tend to work out just right :)

  5. Sherlock is so fortunate. And we luff that name. Juniper, your Graduation Day is coming soon!

  6. We LOVE that story about Sherlock! (Except for the dirt part ...) It sounds like his adoption was meant to be. How perfect!

  7. WOW! You certainly have some say, "Out!", and Sherlock is OUT! Dang...

  8. MOL, Sherlock sure knew how to get himself a home, didn't he? Good work, little guy!

  9. Yay, Sherlock! He knew just what to do to win over that human!

  10. Such cute cats! Thanks for the share!

  11. Way to go, Sherlock! Boy, is that adopter going to be in for a handful with that little guy.

  12. sherlock.....we can say high paws two ewe on de dirt coz...well, coz yur mom canna travel ta trout towne with a dyson N take ree venge....well her could...just sayin....we thinked it waz funnee

    ....conga ratz & happee gotcha day wee one....all de veree veree best two ewe in yur new plant lezz home ☺☺☺

    heerz two a sand knifefish kinda week oh end guys !! ☺☺☺ ♥♥♥

  13. Hey, a little bit of mischief can find you a home! Good job, Sherlock!

  14. All is well that ends well? Concats to Sherlock and his new family!

    Paws crossed that Juniper is soon in her furever home too.
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku


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