Thursday, August 18, 2016

foster room fix

As some of you know, our foster room would be considered a work in progress. Mom set it up and has moved some things around and what not as it is being used and she discovers things that aren't working or might work better. The major issue has always been sight lines....which is why she put up the material on the doors. We take momma cats and kittens and while some momma cats are OK seeing other cats, some are (really) not and it is better if they can't see each other.
However, as you can see, the material on the doors has taken a beating. It is adorable and mom loves it, but it wasn't attached very well (again - work in progress) and has been coming off in places.

checking out the foster room from the outside 
(once the material came down)
Daiquiri, Tommy and Mo

A lady that mom works with made a suggestion. This lady's husband makes signs for companies and events. He had a material that might work. Mom had been trying to come up with something and thought this would be great. L (the lady from work) said it was a vinyl that should stick to the door. Mom was thinking that material that makes up signs you see at fairs and booths and things. Imagine her surprise when she discovered the material that L's husband had in mind was actually more of a flexible but sturdy wall type material. They did one sheet as a trial run and mom put it up on Tuesday night.

It is actually taller than where mom stopped with the material. It is attached to the wood part of the door using double sided tape. There was a little trial and error getting it attached but it went smoother than mom anticipated. They are going to get her two more sheets to put on the other doors now that they all know it works. Mom does think she may cut them down about 3-4 inches since the sliding door is in the foster room and that is our main source of any natural light into the main space of our condo (due to other buildings and the way we face).

BIG thanks to L and her husband for thinking of this and letting mom try it out.

One other is very plain and VERY white. Mom has seen cat decals online before....she swears one of our friends posted pictures of paw prints and other things on a stair well. If you know of anything, please leave us a comment and a link. Mom wants to decorate them a little bit to give it some character.


  1. I think that anything a human does with regard to the care and welfare of cats seems to be a work in progress. The cats are always learning about their surroundings, so we humans must continually make things better and safer. But I imagine it's even harder, not easier, with kittens.

    1. it would be nice to be able to be one step ahead of them...however, we tend to be more like 2 steps behind and running to catch up :)

  2. Isn't it wonderful the way things appear when we need them? It's obvious that you have your eye on the ball, which is to make the foster room work well for both humans and kitties. And it's a moving target; what worked this time may need tweaking for the next batch! You are doing great!

  3. We're glad you found something that will work a bit better. The kitteh supervisors are being very diligent at overseeing you. Good job, guys!

  4. guys...tell yur mom ta chex out amazon; they haz everee thing frum A ta Z az far az cat decals go....her can even get a paw print stamps !! ♥♥♥

  5. This looks like a good next step for your work-in-progress foster room!

  6. Hope it works well. Nothing like getting a little crafty...

  7. Nice! It will definitely look better with some decoration. Sorry I'm not certain where you could find decals but I'm certain they are out there.

  8. Very clever!
    have a super weekend...

    Noodle and crew

  9. We think that's going to work out well. Yep, a little decorating will make it even better. :)

  10. That sure sounds like a great solution!

  11. that is awesome! There are some awesome stickers on etsy.. and I got some at Walmart.. is cute, but it doesn't tell you how tall it is..

  12. ooooh CAT DECALS - brilliant idea!!


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