Tuesday, July 26, 2016

patriot kittens

Last Thursday mom stopped at the adoption center to get some things and saw a pair of cuties that needed to go into foster. Since the boys were going for surgery on Friday and the girls were planned to go this week, mom said she would take the little ones. A lady had found them and said she would foster them for the rescue, but called back after 24 hours and requested that she be able to bring them in to the rescue. They tested negative and have had their first shots. They are a little jumpy and hissy but we suspect they will get over that pretty quick.

Mom set up the tower in the living room and that is where the new girls are staying. The lady who found them named them Liberty (brown tabby) and Freedom (brown and white tabby). Mom couldn't come up with a good hashtag for instagram and facebook, so she asked other bloggers for suggestions and Miss Jenny from As the World Purrs suggested the patriot kittens.
Daiquiri isn't too sure about the newcomers


check out Daiquiri in the gingerbread house
she thinks no one sees her in there

Liberty and Freedom

For now they are going to stay in the tower. They are pretty little and they don't like being caught, so this gives mom a better chance to get her hands on them.

However, with Cedar being adopted and Sumac and Hemlock staying at the adoption center after being spayed yesterday, mom is thinking maybe rolling the tower into the foster room.

Oh and speaking of the foster room, mom checked the camera a few times yesterday and didn't see any kittens. She knows Alder can get OVER the doors (yep - up, onto a shelf, onto a chair and then out). She didn't think Birch or Juniper could do it, but apparently everyone has made a break for freedom. Ugh....
    **edit - as of this morning, if you check the webcam, the door to the foster room is actually propped open. The patriot kittens are still in the tower, but as mom was leaving for work Juniper got stuck on the top of the doors and Birch was howling and it just seemed an easier (and safer) solution to leave the doors open. Keep an eye out - you may catch a permanent resident on camera. MOL


  1. Ah, the growing pains of tots... of any species.

  2. Are you having to join the fun of hide and seek?

  3. Those two are too cute. Love the story about the escape artists. Darn cats can go anywhere they feel like going.

  4. Awww! Welcome Freedom and Liberty! You're both so adorable! And Daiquiri! I see you back there, doing a photo-bomb!!! Ha roo roo roo!!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  5. Cute wee ones! Daiquiri just cracks me up!

  6. When kittens grow into the escape artist stage, it's time for them to find permanent homes! :)

  7. best fishes two ewe liberty & freedom in findin yur foreverz....when we furst started reedin thiz pos...t we thought sure mom J waz gonna say yur names waz cleveland & philly !!!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  8. Freedom and Liberty are gorgeous little ladies! As for the escape artists- I think kittens just sit around all day trying to think of new ways to get in trouble. They are too stinkin' smart. :)
    -Purrs from your friends at www.PlayfulKitty.net

  9. What cuties! I love the pic of Daiquiri staring at the kitten from inside the box. LOL

  10. MOL! You got your hands full...of kittens! :)


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