Thursday, June 23, 2016

take two....

**FYI - we seem to be having some camera issues. We are also having some nasty weather here, so that may be it. Sorry for no kitten tv

Well, mom dropped of the flower kittens at the adoption center (take two) on Tuesday. Orchid seemed ok, Muscari was whining about being in a tower, and Dandelion hid in a corner. Poor babies....  There are kittens up there, but we suspect these 3 (paws crossed) will go quickly.

Juniper fell asleep like this

Orchid couldn't believe that position was comfortable

It is a little quieter in the foster space without the 3 bigger kittens in the room. The little ones don't seem to make quite as much noise without the flower kittens in there. The tree kittens are doing well. A little snotty but nothing serious. Birch - the newest orange tabby boy - has come around pretty quickly and while he is hesitant to approach for attention, he will sit near mom and doesn't mind being held or pet. Hemlock and Sumac seem to be a little tougher to crack. Mom is thinking this weekend she may take them into a smaller space and work with them using something high value as bribery. None of them are at 2 pounds yet though, so we have time to work with them. 


  1. Me too... Purrs to you all to have a great home =^x^=

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    Thank you

  2. Oh we so hope those kittens find great homes. They are so cute. We all have our paws crossed for you. Juniper, what ever works. Looks like a good place to nap to us.

  3. I wonder if some kittens will go together. That would be nice for them.

  4. Gawd, I'd take them all if I could! Up to my armpits in kittens...yay! Oh well, guess I've got to let some other good family adopt them...rats...

  5. I just want to take a nap with Juniper.
    good luck kittens

  6. we iz sorree ta see ewe go guys...but we send all de best
    oh fishez that yur for everz peepulz walk in two de store
    yet thiz week & yur goin ta yur for evers bye caturday ~~~ ♥♥♥

  7. Paws crossed that Orchid, Muscari and Dandelion find homes fast! I'm looking forward for more fun from the newer set!

  8. Good luck, little ones!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher


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