Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Best Friends - part 2

Wednesday morning was puppy class for mom and the kid (grandma and grandpa were walking dogs). All puppies go through several socialization classes to help them learn to listen and be more comfortable with people and objects in a home.

Then it was time for walks. Mom and the kid took Arizona. She is a wonderful loving puppy - with some dog issues. The caregivers are working with her and will give her all the time she needs, but it is hard to get a puppy adopted when they have dog issues (they were passed on the walking trail and Arizona clearly growled at the other puppy - they aren't sure what sets her off but are hoping to figure it out for her sake).


These puppies were part of the puppy class. There was a group of 9 puppies plus their mom that a group took from a local reservation and they are all ready for homes. The black and tan one up front is the one mom and the kid worked with in class.

Wednesday afternoon mom and the kid worked in another cat house called Vinnie's. Mostly going on walks and socializing.

tough job but someone has to do it

Thursday the kid and mom spent all day in CalMar again. Cleaning, walking, strolling and socializing. Grandma was with them in the morning as there was one spot in horses and mom put grandpa in there to break up his routine.
Sunkist (Fanta's sister)

Trinket (another of the NJ kitten sisters)

Sunkist again

Thursday night was another sleepover. Mom left it up to the kid and she chose to bring home Clarisse, the fourth of the NJ sisters. Clarisse was a little more unsure of herself. Mom found out later that she actually spent part of the night sleeping on the between grandma and grandpa (we are sure glad grandpa didn't find her - he isn't a cat guy). About 4am Clarisse was awake and pretty restless. Mom tried to calm her but no real luck. Out of ideas, mom stuck her under the covers. And that worked like a charm.....Clarisse crawled under the covers and fell asleep against mom's legs.

hiding in the dresser

Friday morning, mom worked in cats with grandma, while grandpa and the kid got a session with the pigs. No pictures since mom wasn't there, but the kid said she had a great time, met lots of pigs and gave lots of belly rubs.

Mom headed back to Las Vegas on Friday afternoon since she had an early flight home on Saturday.

If you have been to Best Friends, tell us about your trip. If you haven't, give some serious thought to making the is a magical place.


  1. I cannot wait to go to Best Friends!

  2. This was so fun to read! We are going to Best Friends in a few weeks. I have never been there and can't wait!

  3. Sunkist is making sure her bed will be comfy when she wants to take a nap.

  4. My human wants to know if it is okay to just camp out in one of the cat buildings! I think she is just kidding.

  5. Great report and great pictures. I think it is so great that the animals get to know so many people. It must make it easier to get them adopted out. Thanks.

  6. guys...what an awesum time yur mom had !!! we iz glad her getted ta go this yeer;
    we noe her had a soooper grate time last yeer az well....manee thanx for sharin de trip N mums de werd bout clarisse ~~~~~~~ best fishes that everee one findz ther foreverz thiz yeer ♥♥♥♥♥

  7. This just makes the mom want to go even more! Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. Oh! Mommy just has to go now. She's already looking into it!

  9. We love your stories of your time at Best Friends. We SO want to go!


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