Monday, December 21, 2015

weekend report

We hope you had a nice and safe and WARM weekend. It got cold again here this weekend but at least mom turned up the heat. (yes, we know we live in the midwest and it is December and it is SUPPOSED to be cold, but it was SO nice last weekend).

Avignon was on crate rest for the weekend. She started limping last week and mom dropped her off at the vet on Friday. They took an x-ray and nothing was broken, but apparently baby bones are tough to see. They decided to cage rest her on some pain meds for a couple of days to see if that helped. By Sunday night mom knew it hadn't made any difference, so she is back at the vet today. They are going to sedate her to try to get better pictures....

Lyon and Calais have been enjoying having their freedom. Daiquiri is enjoying having them out too. And - mom was all excited because on Saturday BOTH kittens climbed up in to her lap and snoozed. YAY!!

Mom did some errands and some movie about a war and stars and whatever. She says she also has all her Christmas presents bought and wrapped. We do apologize....time and money didn't permit us to send cards this year.


  1. Oh, we'd hope Avignon would be better by now. Lots of purrs to her, and smooches from our biped. Paws crossed for her.

    We'll wish you all a very happy Solstice (tomorrow) and merry Christmas now, in case we don't get a chance to later.

    Purrs and peace from us.

  2. Poor kitten tot! We hope she heals up soon, but we know she's getting great care at home.

    Mom is very excited about seeing the stars and war movie too. Next weekend, she says.

  3. Poor Avignon. We hope the vet can figure out what may be causing her limping.

  4. Poor Avignon. It's tough to start out life with trips to the vet. I hope she gets much better soon.

    And I know about time and money limitations... If the thoughts for happy Christmases are there, that's what matters.

  5. We hope Avignon is okay! Please keep us posted, okay?

  6. Sending purrs to Avignon! Cards are nice but don't make Christmas Christmas. Love and caring does and we're sending you ours. Thank you so much for all you do!

  7. oh Avignon.. you are going to give the mom gray hairs.. (or more gray hairs) Here's hoping it is nothing and she isn't limping any more when you pick her up

  8. We're crossing our paws that Avignon will be all better soon.

    The Chans

  9. We sure hope Avignon is OK!
    Yours sincerely,

  10. So we so hope that Avignon is all right. Poor little kitten. I had a cat who hurt got stepped on by a horse when when she was tiny and it all fused together. She did limp but got around just fine. But we hope that kitten will be all better and soon.


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