Friday, November 13, 2015

Random Fridays

From the mom:
All of you who read and comment - you rock!! Thank you for the words of helps to hear them.

We wish you a nice (warm) and safe weekend. Mom is having lunch with a friend on Saturday but said otherwise she will be home. YAY!!

As we mentioned earlier in the week, we won a mega box from Meowbox while mom was at Bark World. You can get a subscription for yourself from them and mom thinks it nice that you can also give a box as a gift to someone else. The cool part is that each box is addressed to the cats in the house getting the box. The lady mom spoke to said that no matter how big they get, they intend to keep the personalization for each box.

lots of treats and toys
mom said one bag of treats is going downstairs 
to share with our feral girl Allie

This toy is kind of neat - the ball in the middle has catnip.
Mom was trying to get Daiquiri to chase this toy - 
it is nice and light and easy to bring back.

There were some chicken dental treats that mom opened.
Ivy wasn't a fan.
Nashville was such a fan he whapped anyone who got close to his share.

This fish has valerian in it. We haven't had that before 
and this toy was a huge hit....with us.
Mom says it is pretty stinky.

Junior certainly enjoyed it.

Almond found the ball and decided to beat it up.
We don't think the nip affects him yet (he may be a little young)
but it was light enough for him to toss around.

Mo getting his valerian on. 

We loved everything in the box. Mom is keeping some aside to trade out toys to keep us interested. She opened one bag of treats and said we will get to try the others a little later. We have to say, we loved opening the box and seeing what was inside.

Thanks to Meowbox for sponsoring the cat breakfast at BarkWorld and also for offering 3 boxes as prizes. We LOVED ours.....


  1. What an awesome box of toys and treats! The personalization is a great touch. Your human is being a bit stingy, though, holding back some of the goodies. :-p

  2. What a pawsome box of treats! You guys are set to have one great weekend!

  3. Wow, now THAT'S a box full of wonderful surprises!!! Did you get to play in the box, too?!?!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  4. Meow dat's a pawsum box to be sure. Enjoy. It looks like yous all found sumfin' to claim.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  5. That looks like a great box! A little something for efurrybody.
    Happy Friday, furriends!

  6. kewl iz thiz !!!! de meowbox looks mega awesum....& talk a bout sum way kewl stuff inn side.....we haz never had valerian either....can we say it waz a hit :)
    N joy everee thing....heerz two a northern squawfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  7. That is a nice box of goodies- I am glad you won :)

  8. What a great box of goodies. Looks like all the kitty kats had a blast. You all have a great week end.

  9. Wow! What a fantastic prize! You guys got a lot of nice stuff.

  10. OMC! You guys hit the jackpot! What great stuff for you to enjoy ... we bet you had an awesome weekend. :)


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